Become a za ninja workshop

Always wanted to learn how to make pizza?  Well now you can!  Popping Off Pies will soon be offering an interactive hands on ZA workshop that showcases the craft of making pizza.  Who wants to enjoy a night out making ZA? Do you want to learn how to make restaurant quality ZA at home?  Do you want to learn the in’s and out’s of the art of pizza making?  Our levels of workshops vary and accommodate any and all!

Fueled By Ooni

Popping Off Pies is fueled by the world’s leading source in backyard pizza oven technology!  Ooni pizza ovens have been rated the #1 backyard pizza ovens in the United States, and the company itself is the 7th fastest growing company in the United Kingdom.  Combining a lightweight sleek design, with an unmatched heating element, Ooni truly delivers a one of a kind experience.  Using the high heat and traditional brick oven style needed for quality ZA, the Ooni ovens are just what you need to bring your pizza dreams to reality!  Our mobile pizzeria would not be possible without Ooni and as an ambassador to the brand we 100% vouch for their products.  Check out their website to find all things pizza! 

“An oven is not just an oven, it is a source of light and heat a bringer of energy and sustenance.” 

Festival TOur

Popping Off Pies travels to various states throughout the year to provide your favorite music festivals with our product!  Our custom ZA menu and our dinner and a show experience is just what your event needs.  Music and pizza say no more!  Where would you like to see us “pop up”?  Stay tuned for our upcoming festival schedule.